Top Ten Moments from my Photo Trip to Colorado/Utah

10. Seeing the magnificent Rocky Mountains in person for the first time in my life.

9. Taking in the sweet desert fragrance of the Arches landscape as the winds hit me from a distant storm. The deep blues from the rain clouds meeting the warm red rocks of the terrain was breath taking. Then from there the sun made its presence for the last moments of day for a remarkable site.

8. Daringly stand at the edge of Booth Falls as the water rushed past me, then continued over a 45 foot cliff into the ravine below, exhilarating!!

7. Seeing the pristine aqua waters of Hanging Lake. Seeing a lake this clear and how the water poured over the cliffs, it was awe inspiring.

6. Spending a few hours in the quaint town of Idaho Springs,CO. Anytime I get to stop and enjoy a place where antiques and art are matched with its hospitality, time simply stands still.

5. Eating a late night breakfast at the Village Inn Pancake House in Glenwood Springs, CO. Then food was fantastic! Sure I know this doesn’t pertain to photography, but I also enjoy small establishments in which leave an imprint on you after you have passed through. Another would be the nice gentleman that worked the hotel in Grand Junction, CO. who left the hot tub area open a half hour longer just so I could relax a little after making the late night drive back from Arches in Utah.

4. Sharing a humorous moment with a family at Gunnison Canyon. We were all taking photos of the canyon, but then the wife wanted her picture taken in front of the canyon as many do, and the husband jokingly told her to step back even though there wasn’t much to step back on. Needless to say. She was well aware of his not so funny joke. We just laughed.

3. Trekking on the sand of the Great Sand Dunes N.P. early in the morning. Seeing the different patterns that are naturally made in the sand plus experiencing the work it takes to climb dunes of that size.

2. Venturing into the cove leading to Zapata Falls. The way the light peered in through the ceiling, and the misty falls hitting me in the face, my feet and hands growing colder til they tingled, fighting the elements to get a shot of the falls that I am most proud of. Doesn’t sound great does it, but it was all worth it.

1. Above all else, I enjoyed knowing that The Lord was there with me through it all. Taking in all that He has made for us to enjoy. Feeling His presence amongst creation cannot be described in words.


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