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Shooting when only moments remain

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I would have to say its fun and thrilling to be out shooting scenery of the last moments before the sun goes down. Its a literal race against time, so its wise to choose a location that doesn’t require you to drive miles in between shots. Remember, the less time spent searching for the shots, the more you are shooting them, if that makes sense. In other words, personally speaking, I like to chart out where I will be shooting. For example, what places will look best at sunset, sunrise, midday, cloudy, well you get the point. Then when those times arrive, I already know where to be, what time to be there, what equipment I am going to need, and anything else that is required for that particular shoot. Sure, there are some of us that like the spontaneous style, but I feel better knowing that I am going to be settled in with my canon DSLR, and having nothing to worry about but exposures and compositions. So don’t be afraid of taking a day to drive around and scope out your local area, or even on vacation as well. Its well worth it to have a plan. With all that,I also must say, bring your camera along no matter what,  just in case.

The pictures above were taken at a park just outside St.Louis. They were shot no more than 100 yards from each other. I knew I could get from one spot to another in seconds. That’s how I prefer to shoot, and since I was running out of daylight, I chose to stay put at the end. I would rather get a few more shots in than to lose all light because I took too much time looking for more spots. I can always come back with other locations. I hope this inspires you to be prepared and get those wonderful shots that you want. Do you have a routine on how you get prepared and ready to go for those outdoor shots? Whether they are in your back yard or your favorite vacation spot, I want to hear what gets you going, where you like to shoot, and everything in between. Hope to hear from you all.

In closing, I want to give a shout out to a friend of mine, Malory Lipert. She an artist behind a unique line of creative jewelry, accessories, and more. She is inspired by all things vintage, pin-up, western, glittery, and fabulous. Way to go Malory and good luck.

Stay Inspired and be blessed.